Mobile PET/CT: Philips Gemini GXL 16Mobile PET/CT: Philips Gemini GXL 16

PET/CT System G3
OEM: Philips Medical Systems
Slice Count: 16
Model: Gemini GXL 16 with FOCUS Software
Bore Diameter: 70cm
Cooling System: Air
Transmission Source: CT Attenuation Correction
Power Requirements: 480v 3 Phase, 150 amps
Gantry Height, Length, Width: 193 x 230 x 109 cm
RTP Flat Table: 
Yes – Medtec Flat Table Overlay
Lap Laser: Yes
MIM Vista Fusion Software: Yes

Patient Handling System
Vertical Travel: 35.5 cm
Patient Scan Range: 190 cm
Horizontal Speed: 0 – 150 mm/sec
Maximum Patient Weight: 195.5 kg (430 lbs)
Pallet Deflection: 
+/- 0.25mm at 430 lbs
Gantry Controls: Front

Software Processing
WB Acquisition Time: 10 – 30 min, Physician Protocol Dependent
Acquisition Mode: 3D LOR or 3D Ramla
2D Reconstruction Time: N/A
3D Reconstruction Time: 60 sec for standard
Event Transfer Time: 10 Mevents/second
Auto Randoms Correction: Yes
Auto Scatter Correction: Yes
Simultaneous Acquisition and Processing: 
Auto Standard Uptake Corr: Yes
WLS Reconstruction: Yes

Physical Assembly
Detectors: 28 pixelar modules
Imaging Planes: 45
Plane Spacing: 2 mm
Fast Number of Crystals: 17,864
Ring Diameter: 90 cm
Number of PMTs: N/A
Physical FOV (Axial): 18cm
Detector Material: GSO

QA Sources in Hot Lab: Colbalt 57 vial, Cesium 137 vial, Cesium 137 rod source
Contrast Injector: MedRad Model: Stellant
Dose Calibrator: Captintec CRC-15W
Survey Meter: Ludlum Model 3 (2 on board)

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