Mobile CT: GE VCT 64Mobile CT: GE VCT 64

Neuro filter
Auto filter and Transfer
VCT 64 Opt
Smart Prep
Auto MA
Large Image Series
Exam Split
CardiQ Snapshot
Data Export
ASIR and Review
ECG Trace on the Console
VCT Hi-Power
Cardiac Filters
PROSP Smartscore
0.35 sec Rotation
Vol Helical Shuttle
SnapShot Pulse
Operating Software 11HW12.5.V40_H_V64_G_GTM
Medrad Envision Single Head Injector

Housed in a totally refurbished 2002 Ellis and Watts CT Trailer with 40′ power cable

Wake Forest, NC 27587
(919) 747-9622

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