Mobile CT: Toshiba/Canon Aquilion 64

Toshiba/Canon Aquilion 64 Whole Body Mobile CT

  • Large-aperture slip-ring gantry and extra-wide couch
  • Ergonomic operator console
  • High-frequency X-ray generator
  • High-heat-capacity X-ray tube

V3 software with workflow enhancements, on console Easy 3-D, advanced Quantum de-noising adaptive noise reduction filter and easy to use interface.

SURETechnology: Improve workflow with real-time imaging, which provides the ability to view a scan at 12 frames per second (512×512) allowing the operator to rapidly assess if additional images are needed.

  • SUREExposure – Dose modulation based on scanogram
  • SUREStart – Real-time contrast detection 12 fps. With SUREStart, there is no need to perform a timing bolus, this can allow savings of up to 30 cc’s of contrast (including during cardiac studies).
  • SUREScan – Real-time helical scan display
  • SUREPlaque


The Aquilion Gantry

The Aquilion 64 gantry uses rotate-rotate design to provide accurate alignment between beam and detector for more precise image data.

Features include:

  • Industry’s largest aperture: 72 cm
  • Five scan fields of view: 18, 24, 32, 40 and 50 cm
  • Gantry controls on both sides
  • Patient positioning lights
  • Wide range of scan times provides greater flexibility for optimal image quality: 0.4, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 seconds full rotation


  • 47 cm wide, metal-free couch top
  • Horizontal stroke of 2,190 mm and a scanning range of 1,800 mm for tall patients
  • Manual control of table increments from both the gantry and console or programmed by an

eXam protocol

  • Couch top supports up to 450 lbs. while maintaining accuracy of ±.25 mm


  • Consists of hybrid keyboards, mouse, monitors, CPU cabinet and reconstruction cabinet
  • Controls the entire system, including power
  • Image display
  • Scanogram control
  • Remote control of couch-top movement
  • Gantry tilt control
  • Window level and width adjustment
  • Three preset windows can be stored in the eXam plans
  • Other mouse-operated, image-processing functions
  • High line-rate, 19-inch LCD monitors
  • Displays images in 512×512 or 1024×1024
  • CT number display ranges from -1,536 to +8,191
  • 32 programmable voice commands


Injector: MedRad Stellant™ Dual CT Injector

Trailer: 50’ AK Medical Trailer





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